Drag the stump out of the ground

Pulling Tree Stumps

Equipment with cables, winches, and pulley systems can be used to drag the stump out of the ground. Both vibratory … More

Blasting Tree Stumps

Blasting or blowing stumps was a standard practice for stump extraction in the past. In rural areas and on large … More

Burning Tree Stumps

Another traditional means of stump reduction was to set it ablaze, usually using petroleum-based accelerants or charcoal briquets. Stumps must … More

Pushing Tree Stumps

Sites where heavy equipment can be used and not compact the soil or damage the landscape features, can have stumps … More

Grinding Tree Stumps

There are four primary types of stump grinders: hand manipulated handlebar machines; selfpropelled machines; tow-behind machines; and, truck / tractor … More

Leaving Tree Stumps

Leaving a stump in the soil and forgetting it is easy. Forgetting a stump and trusting nature to act alone … More

Trenching Tree Stumps

Soil trenchers and saws can be used to cut, at some distance from the stump, roots and soil. Trenching around … More