Leaving Tree Stumps

Leaving a stump in the soil and forgetting it is easy. Forgetting a stump and trusting nature to act alone in removing associated problems may seem like an ecologically viable means to treat a site. Resource constraints, site liabilities, and forgone site usage all can haunt non-action. There are locations and circumstances when doing nothing... Continue Reading →

Natural Degradation of Tree Stumps

Knowing the important components of stump decay allows for optimization of a decay environ- ment. Providing more of whatever component is limiting decay rates, while not interfering with other soil resources, can push the decay process along. By carefully enriching resources on the site around a stump, decay conditions and organisms can be facilitated. For... Continue Reading →

Trenching Tree Stumps

Soil trenchers and saws can be used to cut, at some distance from the stump, roots and soil. Trenching around the stump can eliminate most of the root-soil contacts and make it easier to extract the stump whole or in large pieces. Soil saws are large circular wheels with soil teeth used for cutting down... Continue Reading →

Deciding how to Remove Tree Stumps

Decisions, Decisions Stumps can be eliminated from the landscape in a number of ways. A major decision point is whether to completely extract and remove the stump, or leave some portion or all of the stump in-place in the soil. One low impact alternative includes cutting the stump low and level so a mower or... Continue Reading →

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